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Vanessa Thompson
Founder of The Sustainability Experts

Vanessa Thompson, the Founder of The Sustainability Experts Group and esteemed host of a globally acclaimed podcast, brings together influential figures shaping sustainable solutions. Notable guests on the show include Olympian Venus Williams, Rockefeller Foundation's Dr. Raj Shah, Viral Activist Leah Thomas, and other influential voices. Thompson stands as a 30 Under 30 winner recognized by the Global Gurus and is set to release her upcoming book, "Accelerating Innovation: ESG Breakthroughs for Your Business," in the Fall of 2024.

With a profound expertise in ESG Financial Analysis, Thompson has lent her strategic insights to some of the world's most progressive companies, including Google, United Nations Foundation – Data 2x Project, World Bank Group, The Nature Conservancy, and Joby Aviation. Her thought leadership extends to publications like The Huffington Post and Berkeley Economic Review. Vanessa has also conducted groundbreaking research alongside Nobel-winning author, Dr. Daniel Kammen, at U.C. Berkeley.

A distinguished alumna, Thompson earned her B.S. in Environmental Economics and Policy from the University of California, Berkeley, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Complementing her undergraduate achievements, she holds an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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